Launched in 2015 in the Tyrolean Alps of Austria, SA.AL&CO's brand DNA is built on creating a unique product experience. The three pillars of creating this experience are:

    • A haptic experience through how the creams feel during and after use on the skin, and how the aluminium packaging feels in the hand.
    • A visual experience through the timeless and sophisticated design of the products.
    • An olfactory experience through the refreshing scent of the selected essential oils and natural ingredients.

The products are made in the alpine region of Tyrol, Austria. The products promise an uncompromising selection of high-quality and natural ingredients i.e., the water used in all products is alpine spring water originating from a nearby glacier and with high mineral values. The ingredients are predominantly sourced locally and have natural, naturally extracted or organic origin. The products are certified natural, vegan, cruelty, and GMO free. Products are produced regularly throughout the year and in small batches, ensuring fresh, natural products that have the highest efficacy.

All packaging is made of recycled aluminum that can be fully recycled. It evokes a sense of clean and effortless elegance and is both highly aesthetic and functional whilst aging gracefully by use. Aluminium is also chosen for its excellent barrier properties, which maintain the quality of the natural ingredients longer than conventional packaging. All packaging is exclusively made in Western Europe and supplied by the best producers.

The design is simple and unique. It stands out visually and is highly recognizable in any room. The aluminum, brushed surfaces are industrial chic and decorate any bathroom in a high-end fashion.