PAOMA Paris brand visit to Tbilisi, Georgia

On 21th of February we are waiting for representatives to one of the French luxury and eco-ethical brand – Paoma Paris, Jérôme Palatin and Oliver Charles Degen.

Paoma is the first French luxury skincare brand to be both organic and eco-ethical. Paoma is now entering the cosmetics market and unveiling its range of nine exceptional products.

Having designed a truly effective and sustainable natural beauty ritual, Paoma gathers the best of nature and crafts unprecedented, certified organic formulas that pamper all skin types, cultivating well-being and infusing each day with a cozy feeling.

For Paoma, nature is the greatest gem and harmony is the most precious of states.

And since sensory pleasure is a focal point for the brand, every product has its own unique texture and is scented with a natural olfactory composition — sprinkled with notes of rose, lemon, juicy pear, vanilla, and sandalwood. An enveloping, feminine fragrance as cozy as they come, composed by a perfumer specialized in organics.

Luxury, efficacy, and 100 % eco-ethical cosmetics are possible, necessary.

PAOMA was born of this truth.


As beauty industry experts for more than two decades and well aware of the sector’s impact, Anne Sophie and Jérôme Palatin have spent years working their way towards their most cherished project: Paoma.

Participating in the world of cosmetics both as insiders and as observers, they planted the Paoma seed by delving into the beauty of tomorrow and listening attentively to the women who use cosmetics. Through their unique understanding of well-being, as well as their knowledge of the market and its needs, the ambition to create what didn’t exist elsewhere was born: the eco-ethical beauty ritual that combines a unique experience with the efficacy of certified organic active ingredients.

After more than a year of research and development in partnership with researchers, scientists, and specialists, their first line of innovative and eco-responsible products saw the light of day. From sourcing, certification, and patent filing to packaging and user tutorials, Anne-Sophie and Jérôme took care to leave no detail up to chance.

„More than simply a product, we believe in well-being through ritual and celebrate a genuine culture of skincare. Our holistic approach led us to design each product with an appropriate beauty technique in mind.

The idea behind Paoma is to accompany women of all ages in establishing their skincare rituals through a complete range of products suitable for all skin types. Beyond our formulas, we want to guide our customers with precision at each step needed to create a perfect moment of wellness. We care about being completely transparent and teaching women about beauty and what it represents: time for oneself. Science, sensory awakening, and transmission are our reasons for being. „


To women who want to give themselves a precious moment.

To women who yearn to learn to experience their beauty ritual.

To women who desire to fully tune into their own needs and do something special for themselves.

To women who choose the precision of precious, innovative, natural, and organic formulas.

To women who aspire to making eco-ethical choices a priority, for their skin and for the planet.

To women who decide to dream and reconnect with themselves.

Created: 20 Feb 2023